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Looking for Some Mad People

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The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

-Jack Kerouac


Madona and a Dolphin.  Lucky Dolphin.

Note: This photo has been used without Gen’s permission.  I strongly think she will find it very funny, but in my 20+ years of knowing her, i have been wrong once or twice.  Why not just ask her you say?  Because, want to use it and don’t want her to say ‘no’.

Sometimes I feel as though I am mad.  I read Jack and listened to a lot of Madona when I was a young adult.  Surrounding myself with their words made me feel alive.  They encouraged the ravenous hunger in me to be the best and practice and master my craft.

Now as a female entrepreneur, it is only when I surround myself with the like-minded that I can find peace in my mad quest for this life.  Life is shorter when you have kids and now watching two of them grow so quickly, it is as though there is a daily reminder of the passing of this life which makes me all the more anxious to get it all in. 

gwen bell

Entrepreneur and Social Media Specialista Gwen Bell

One of my favorite ladies who packs loads of love into her life is Gwen Bell.  From dancing salsa to advocating for the companies and people she loves, she teaches and learns with a fervor and desire.  Using social media as her platform for a transformation of all interactions into good and effective change, Gwen is great example of a lady on line making her mark.  If life is for sharing, then social media is a great place to create and be in community.


Dooce pregnant and exposing her skin ‘sans Dolphin’.

Even if it’s getting a little jump start from White Hot Truth, I have recently responded to my own needs to be with the mad ones.  When I feel the urge to laugh, I have called upon that perfect person who makes me giggle.  Sometimes I just need to read a little Dooce laugh my head off or feel connected as a mother. I have recently created dates with my husband when I have needed connection and make appointments with my business coach Heather White when I need to find a new path for my business.  Putting yourself in contact via web, phone or in person with the people you need in a moment can save you from feeling alone as a female entrepreneur.  It can save you from feeling down and enriches the experience if the experience of life is to be shared.


I intentionally surround myself with the mad ones cuz the ‘same-same’ got us into a mess and, let’s face it, being around the ‘same-same’ just makes me feel awkward.

NOTE: (To my husband who is never socially awkward) BEING SOCIALLY AWKWARD IS A SIGN OF BEING A GENIUS.

Finding like-minded madness is good for the improvement of your mental space, the growth of your business and the development and realization of the truth that was in you since the beginning and is dying to live amongst like minded-mad ones.

“…and everybody goes “Awww!” 



Photo Credits:  Gwen Bell, Dooce and Liberty Post


Mhairi Petrovic: How to Twitter

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Here’s a guest post from one of our favorite people on planet earth.  She’s Scottish and says ‘Aye’.  Mhairi is one of the most sought after ladies in Social Media and is based in Vancouver B.C.  She is the owner and operator extraordinaire of Out-smarts


Mhairi (said Va-ree) visits Loaded Bow to tell us how to use Twitter in the most time efficient and effective way. Follow us if you want to start adding people to your Twitter and follow those we follows (we think they’re grand!)


Twitter – 10 Ways To Kickstart Your Tweets
I’ve been on Twitter for almost 2 years now. At the start I was rather skeptical as to the value the medium brought especially from a business perspective: most of the “Tweets” (noun used to describe the statements people make on Twitter) were narcissistic comments made under the assumption that people were actually interested in hearing what others had for breakfast (for example).

I have watched Twitter usage evolve and today it’s much more sophisticated. Here’s a few tips for you to use to tweak your Tweets and get more out of your Twitter presence:

1. Add value – don’t just spout off about boring stuff. Nobody is interested in what color shoes you are wearing (maybe your underwear but definitely not your shoes!).

2. Share interesting stuff you’ve found on the web that relates to your business or area of interest.

3. Use TinyURL or a similar url abbreviation tool to shorten the length of url links in your Twitter posts so they fit in the 140 character limit.

4. Look at Twitter as a forum to let followers know what it is you do for a living – you never know who might read and say ‘I need someone to do just that for me!’

5. Don’t spam or sell.

6. If someone starts following you don’t automatically add them and follow (don’t be a sheeple) – take a look at the number of followers they have compared to their following. If they are following way more people than they have followers then it might be best to avoid them – chances are they are only looking to follow so that they can in turn spam you.

7. Don’t let Twitter suck up too much of your time – it can be very distracting.

8. Limit the number of people you follow to avoid Twitter overload.

9. Use Twitterfeedto feed your blog to Twitter.

10. Use Tweetscan to monitor whats being said about you or your company on Twitter.



 Photo Credits

Host Papa: A Web Hosting Service

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Okay, so you have your website ready or in the works, you have chosen a logo and title for your business, but you need some online real estate for your domain name.  Even if you are still in the planning stages of your business, you can buy your domain name in advance so no one snags up your great business name.


You are looking for a web hosting service.  For all you Canadians, or those who want to support Canadian business, looking for a host, this website is the most easy to use and has the best green practices of any hosting company we have come across. 


HostPapa is a privately-owned company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They have VIDEO tutorials for how to change over your website or upload a new one!!

HostPapa currently offers the following services:

Web Hosting Services
Domain Name Registration
Small Business Pak
Web Site Design

Host Papa is %100 run by green energy.  We highly recommend Host Papa. 



The Facts about Women in Business

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The facts are here.  It is our time (as our mentor Heather White says) “to evolve or die.”  Here we are ladies.  Let’s make the most of each day, employ great people, love our jobs, have free time, build our families, have healthy relationships and in the meantime…why not make it a million $ business??!


Consider the facts:

Women-owned businesses employ approximately 27 million people

Women own 48% of all businesses in the United States — that is 9.1 million businesses *

Women business owners contribute more than $3.6 trillion to the marketplace each year, and women account for more than 70% of consumer spending *

55% of women provide half or more of their household’s income, yet 48 million women — that is 80% of all women in the workforce — earn less than $25,000 a year *Facts from “The National Foundation for Women Business Owners

Join us this month for Tech Talk February.  Though we may not grow your business to a million dollars by the end of Feb. we will commit to teaching you all we know (and don’t know) about technology and it’s relationship to growing your small (and big) business!



Introducing Gwen Bell and Technology Month

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“You can’t simply sit on the sidelines and bemoan one’s outcast state; it’s not enough. This experience, this life, is our one time to be ourselves.” – Maya Angelou

I found this tagged to the end of yet another incredible post by Miss Gwen Bell.  The tag line on this lady’s blog is “Big Love in a Small World” which goes to show that there’s a lot of love and a lotta world out there for her to post about.  Her writing is delicious and her pictures and thoughts are DARLING!  We hope to feature her more this month as we go into Tech Feburary. 

What’s on the menu?  How to Tech up your world, how social media is driving the dollars and how ladies have intergrated good technologies into their daily routines like breakfast cereal!  The low-cost, no-carb way of NOW is no longer of the future.  Technology is easier, cheaper, faster and we are all about it this month.  So keep reading and enjoying and follow us on Twitter (@loadedbow)  if you want to be hip to our happenings 😉

Thanks to everyone who followed us in January.  We had our record month!  Our goal for this month is to double our hits, so feel free to join us as we talk tech.

I will leave you with another quote by Gwen-Bell-the-Great:

I have a personal motto to make every day an adventure. Even if that adventure is local, I still want to get out into the world (or go inside myself) and make something remarkable happen. Hear a remarkable story. Engage the world in a remarkable way.



Getting Your Mail Together with Rowena List

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Dedicated to all the people who would like to simplify their lives just a little bit more.

Rowena List, founder of Getting It Together, attributes her business success for over 22 years, to her ability to ensure that everything in her life, from what she sees in her closets or on her desk to what she sees in the mirror, reflects her goals, her dreams and her best self. In addition, Rowena has helped thousands of other women to improve their self-worth and success by creating healthier reflections that energize them to be their best self and live the lives they want to live.

Have you ever suddenly remembered you had to do something or pay a bill, and couldn’t find the information anywhere in that pile of papers on your counter or desk?

It is amazing that in this highly electronic age we still receive physical, hard copy mail. But since we do, we thought we’d offer up some Together Tips on how to deal with those papers that seem to lie around and pile up.

When it comes to your mail you will want to adopt the “Deal with it, delegate it or dump it” philosophy.

Deal With It

Let’s start with the first one. Collect your mail from the box when you have 2 minutes to deal with it. Let’s face it you can not leave your mail in there all week so you may have to set aside time twice a week that you are going to collect your mail and deal with it.

Try to handle each piece of mail once if at all possible. Recycle all junk mail right away if you have not signed up for the “Red Dot” program. Next you will want to file your bills, birthday invitations etc in a system that you have set up for yourself.

If you do not have a system set up then I would recommend the 1to31 organizing binder.  This system allows you to file bills, birthday invitations, school announcements etc under the appropriate date that you will need to DEAL with them.

There is no need to pay bills until the day they are due. By being organized with your mail you will avoid the pitfalls of having piles of unopened mail all over your kitchen counter or top of your desk.

Delegate It

Can you delegate any of the mail tasks? Setting up prepaid authorization payments is the best way of delegating your bill payments. Is there someone in your household that can help you out with some of these tasks?

Dump It

Dump all junk mail. Better yet, sign up for the RED DOT program at and you will never receive junk mail again. While you are at it, why not sign up with Canada Post to have all your bills sent to you electronically. There is a link from the Red Dot site. You may also want to think about taking your name and address off store flyers/catalogues. So much of this information can be found online now. Just think of the trees and money you will be saving too.

Next time you go to your mail box try these simple tips and see how much time you will save. What will you do with that extra time?

For more detailed information on how to get organized or how to be more organized contact Rowena List  or read more articles on the Getting It Together site.

Keynote Speaking and Workshops
See Rowena in person at the following events in 2009:

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

West Vancouver Women’s Network

Friday, May 22nd – Sunday, May 24th, 2009

6th Annual Every Woman in the World Conference


Photo: Wikimedia


Business Advice from my two year old!

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The other day I heard the best business advice from my two year old daughter. I was trying to get her to sleep and so I said ” close your eyes.”

She said, ” I can’t see if my eyes are closed.”

As we go into the new year with all this talk of goals and creating your new  best life, just remeber to kepp your eyes open.