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Andrea Baxter Launches Bratface

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Bratface: [brat-feys] noun – a term of endearment used towards the people in your life that you love that just seem to drive you a little batty every now and then.

Urban Dictionary

Andrea Baxter

We first spoke with Andrea Baxter last year about the remarkable story of Smart Cookies, the first company that she co-founded.  Today, she’s back to talk about her latest business venture, Bratface Marketing.

Andrea knows the importance of investing in your story, brand and identity, and understands the exponential benefits of pulling a great team together to do so.  She is passionate about marketing as an outlet for her creativity and her ability to connect others.  Here, Andrea tells us about branching out on her own.
Bratface Marketing

Loaded Bow: How did Bratface come to be?

Andrea Baxter: Prior to Smart Cookies, I worked in marketing and I was painfully missing it.  It’s a real creative outlet for me.  Also, an important part of the Smart Cookies philosophy is about making more dough, so I thought what better way then to work in my area of expertise?  I still had contacts in the industry, and was doing projects here and there, so creating a marketing company just made sense.  I love working in a team, but it is also really exciting to be able to make decisions independently and one I can call all my own.

Inevitably, I’m asked about the name!  I wanted a name that would reflect my personality, my culture and my history.  Bratface is a term commonly used in Newfoundland where I was born.  It’s actually in the Newfoundland Dictionary (yes, we have our own dictionary)!  Bratface was one of the nicknames my father called me when I was being a bit cheeky.  That’s special to me because my father is not only my business mentor, but someone who I am very close with and have a great deal of respect for.  He was very successful by 28, but he was always very fair and very modest. Bratface was a good fit because it balanced being conservative, having fun and was true to my playful nature.  It adds just a touch of smartass as well!

LB: How will you market Bratface?

AB: It has been a very organic process.  My contacts have been a really valuable source, and I have been able to benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.  I am so thankful that I kept my foot in the door, while staying under the radar!  Networking continues to be really important.  And of course, it’s important to implement social media marketing initiatives through bloggingFacebook and Twitter. For any small business getting off the ground, these are great outlets to use where you can get access to so many business people.

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Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Ad Image

Shortly after LOADED BOW was launched, we set aside a small budget for advertising.  This was, in part, because we were seeking to introduce LB to the world quickly.  More significantly, however, we had little experience with advertising and thought we would like to blog about our experience.

Facebook was chosen at random (note: I am quite sure that the experts would NOT recommend planning your advertising randomly) to be our first platform for advertising.  In under 5 minutes we had signed ourselves up for 5 days of advertising (to then be reassessed). 

We targeted the viewers of our ad by geographical location, gender, age, and key words, uploaded a picture and wrote a short blurb about the blog.  We selected the Pay Per Click model and bid on how much we were to pay for each click on our ad.  Conversely, we could have chosen the Pay Per Views model, and bid on how much we would have paid per 1000 views of the ad.  As it turns out, we had about 1 person click on our ad for every thousand that viewed it.  Here’s the catch though!  The amount that Facebook recommended bidding was significantly lower for the Pay Per View model ($0.29 versus $0.63 for Pay Per Click).  So if we were to do this again we would choose to Pay Per View to get greater bang for our buck.  I would recommend keeping an eye on the ratio of “clicks to views” should you choose to advertise on Facebook – it might be higher for you if you are able to further narrow down your target market!

Facebook has been commended for allowing targeted marketing.  For example, my relationship status is set to “Engaged” on Facebook so I get endless ads for wedding photographers and musicians.  Facebook is pretty good at figuring out where you are, too.  I had assumed that I had been exposed to local photographers because I belong to the “Vancouver, BC” network.  During a trip to London over New Years, I was mildly surprised to see ads for British photographers.  So I suppose they are following my IP address (this is my non-techy assumption).

Before you sign up, however, consider this.  Rob Walker recently cautioned us that our profiles on social-networking sites are not all-revealing confessions, but are often carefully edited, idealized representations of ourselves.

“All of which suggests the real challenge for marketers: Social networkers don’t sign on to expose their true consumer selves. We sign on to promote our own agendas.”

Rob Walker in Fast Company’s Our Profiles, Ourselves

I am, in fact, getting married.  But! we booked our photographers (the fabulous Ral and Danelle of Rad Studio) 6 months ago.  So even though I did represent myself accurately, the fact that I am an engaged female in Vancouver is not going to be particularly useful to the photographers trying to find their target market online.

Even though you are still taking a gamble on who you are targeting, there are circumstances under which I would recommend trying Facebook Ads.  For Zoë or my fiance, Kevin, one click towards their site could potentially lead to thousands of dollars in sales.  But when you are an online entity such as LOADED BOW, Facebook advertising does not provide the high number of hits needed (unless you have a bottomless budget!).

If you are on Facebook, however, we’d love it if you joined LOADED BOW’s Group!

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