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Painfully Fun – Loaded Bow Photoshoot

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These are some pics taken of Gen and I at Chill Winston for our Loaded Bow photo shoot with the enticing and fabulous Amber of the innovative and fun Painfully Hip.  Painfully Hip is Amber’s blog about “Fashion-Forward Finds for the Weak of Wallet”.  She find thrift store goodies and re-vamps them, photographs hotties in them and writes about them!  Dreamy, non!!??



Amber says:

“So we met up for a drink at the beautifully lit Chill Winston in Vancouver and played dress up. My friend, The Amazing Janos Sitar, shot some brilliant photography (including some blurry “styling action” shots – y’know, I move like a gazelle on speed) while we giggled a hell of a lot and rearranged the furniture in the bar. They are both precisely as fun, talented, charming, inspiring and adorable as they appear. We had a short, but glowing time. Roman candles, indeed.”



Thanks Amber for the great times and to Janos for the beautiful pics.




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We are here.



Happy Birthday, Loaded Bow!

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Loaded Bow recently celebrated its first birthday.  It is hard to believe that a year has gone by, but what a year it has been.

A wedding, a baby, paternity leave, travel, and meeting many new friends. 

And, of course, we can’t forget our crash course in blogging, learning along the way from the best.  We hammered out a name, had ourselves a photo shoot, stumbled upon a logo, and found ourselves a mentor.  Most importantly, we met incredible women doing incredible things. 

We have big plans up our sleeve for the next year, and are set to keep meeting these amazing ladies.  Thanks for all the help we’ve received thus far!

With Love,

gen+zoe+loaded bow


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Gwen Bell is a partner at Kirtsy, Social Media Instructor, World Traveler, Business Owner, Budding Photographer and Lover of Pretty Things. Today Gwen is getting married in Boulder, Colorado 03.06.09 and live-streaming the entire event.


Gwen Bell

Loaded Bow has scored BIG time…really we think the world of this lady as we may have mentioned in our intro to Tech month. Five reasons we think Gwen Bell is someone to look to as an entrepreneur and social media goddess-of-goodness.


Joel is not only SO cute, HE IS SO TAKEN! 

1) Gwen is a partner at Kirtsy. Kirtsy is the place to find and/or link to anything and everything on the Web that you’d like to share. It’s like “digg for chicks.” If Kirtsy users like what you submit, they’ll click on it. The more clicks, the more likely your link will make it to the Popular section on the left-hand side of the front page. The right-hand side of the page shows the Editors’ Picks links. Links on the front page are seen by everybody and get lots of love. The front page content is ever-changing and always cool.
2) She was one of the Social Media Specialist at The Mom 2.0 Summit which was just a few weeks ago. The Mom 2.0 Summit was a place for marketers, bloggers, and mompreneurs to get to know one another and hear the best of the best on topics for moms for whom the market is more than a place to buy veggies.
3) She salsa dances in heels.
4) Gwen was named by her peers as being ‘one of the 50 most powerful and influential women in Social Media’ on Ron Hudson’s Immediate Influence blog.
5) She dreamed up Chicks Who Click. This is a Conference Gwen puts on with Denise Smith. It’s all social media and skiing and fun!


KIRTSY ladies!

Interview with  Gwen Bell:
Loaded Bow: ‘Social Media’ is a fairly new term to some business owners. Is it advantageous for everyone to be using Social Media?

GB: I think it’s advantageous for every business owner to know about the impact of social media on our daily life – last week the Rocky Mountain Newspaper closed its doors after 149 years in business. This is the latest in a string of newspapers shutting their doors – and it has a huge impact on business owners, small and large. I think it’s indicative of the fact that people are producing and consuming their media differently now than they were even five years ago. User-generated content sites make it easy and fast for us to all be “citizen journalists” and “eyes and ears on the ground” for one another. We are responsible both for what we produce and consume now. What is social media? It is the heartbeat of what’s happening around the globe, minute-to-minute. Who participates in social media? Whether you’re aware of it or not, all of us.
LB: I spend so much time online that actually have to time myself in order to be most effective and cost efficient for my business. What is the biggest waste-of-time mistake people make online?

GB: I can answer that question in two ways: if you’re spending time developing relationships online, I wouldn’t call it time wasting. Especially if your end game is to continue to grow those relationships offline, in real life. Also, if you’re spending that time sharing valuable information, even if it doesn’t come back to you immediately, it will have a positive impact. I see myself as a web scavenger and spend much of my day commenting on blogs, tweeting content that (hopefully) matters to people, writing blog posts about the topics I see are relevant. No day is a day wasted – we’re all experimenting here.
LB: In a recent post about being at the Huston Summit, you mention a love of teaching. The photo is a gorgeous shot of you teaching a fellow woman. Since the field you are in is always evolving, I would suppose there would be so much demand for specialists in social media. How has teaching been a part of what you do?

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So, the New Year is here and you are now going through all the stuff you got from people for Christmas and you are filling up the bag marked “Sally Ann” which is really good of you.  There are a few things here that are just not YOU, but are really valuable or nice and still either in the package or have the tags on them.  I asked Gen to answer a few questions about re-gifting.  Do you re-gift??  Under what conditions is it okay??  We would love to hear from you about this funny and controversial topic.


What are you hiding?? 

ZP: When is it appropriate?

GE: I think it’s appropriate if the gift would be meaningful to the 2nd recipient, and if the 2nd recipient is not in the same social circle as the original gifter(presuming this is ‘secret’). I also think it depends on the meaning behind the gift. I have kept things that I don’t particularly like because I know that the gifter put a lot of love and importance into the gift and I knew they would be hurt if they knew I got rid of it. With others gifts?? Fair game…

ZP:  How is it good for the environment?

GE: reduce, recycle, reuse.

ZP:  When have you re-gifted? have you ever gotten ‘caught’?

GE:  Horrifically so.  I regifted a photo album, and I hadn’t realized that the gifter had put a picture of me into the album.  Imagine my surprise – and more to the point – horror, having to explain why there was a picture of me at 7 years old with a few different friends inside.  My cheeks are burning thinking about it.  Did I mention this was a wedding gift?  Awful

ZP: What are the rules and conditions to re-gifting?

GE: See 1.

ZP: What is the worst thing you know has been re-gifted to you?

GE:  I once received one of those pin things (you know the ones you press your hand into to make funny shapes) from a friend who I knew had just received it from another mutual friend. 

ZP: How about second hand gifts, okay or no way?

GE: Totally.  It’s the thought that counts – cliché, but true.  As long as it is meaningful, who cares if it is in its second (or third or fourth…) life…


Your Other Half: Biz Partnerships

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Partnership Month

For the past week Zoe has been in Toronto at TOAE.  Prior to that, I was in Calgary auditioning to be a cowgirl.  So… it has been just over 2 weeks since we have seen each other.  It feels longer than that (I was going to say that it has been a month… until I looked at the calendar).  In 20 years of friendship, we have had periods of intense contact (growing up on the same street, we found a second home at each other’s houses), and have gone months without seeing each other (perhaps I will post some of our email correspondence from when Zoe moved to Chile for 6 months in Grade 9 – oh, the drama of being 14).  Despite this, I am finding that I am missing her terribly right now.  There are definitely challenges that are unique to working in partnerships, but there are also many benefits.  Currently, I am missing the benefits of having my partner-in-crime close by.

Partnership Month

LOADED BOW is getting ready to enter our third month online, and we are looking at partnerships – of all varieties – for the next month.  We’re going to check out our own partnership pretty closely, but we are also looking at some pretty amazing biz ops that are run by multiple owners or operators.  We are going to start with the remarkable story of Renée and Jim Kimball of Tranquilo Bay.  If you think that you are working with your partner under stressful circumstances, just wait…  (Hint of what’s to come: It involves alligators)

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