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Your Other Half: Biz Partnerships

Posted in Your Othe Half: Biz Paternships with tags , on July 17, 2008 by loadedbow
Partnership Month

For the past week Zoe has been in Toronto at TOAE.  Prior to that, I was in Calgary auditioning to be a cowgirl.  So… it has been just over 2 weeks since we have seen each other.  It feels longer than that (I was going to say that it has been a month… until I looked at the calendar).  In 20 years of friendship, we have had periods of intense contact (growing up on the same street, we found a second home at each other’s houses), and have gone months without seeing each other (perhaps I will post some of our email correspondence from when Zoe moved to Chile for 6 months in Grade 9 – oh, the drama of being 14).  Despite this, I am finding that I am missing her terribly right now.  There are definitely challenges that are unique to working in partnerships, but there are also many benefits.  Currently, I am missing the benefits of having my partner-in-crime close by.

Partnership Month

LOADED BOW is getting ready to enter our third month online, and we are looking at partnerships – of all varieties – for the next month.  We’re going to check out our own partnership pretty closely, but we are also looking at some pretty amazing biz ops that are run by multiple owners or operators.  We are going to start with the remarkable story of Renée and Jim Kimball of Tranquilo Bay.  If you think that you are working with your partner under stressful circumstances, just wait…  (Hint of what’s to come: It involves alligators)

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