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Zoe Pawlak is Back to business

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So, I have to say that though Gen got stuck with the work of doing the OB ‘assignment’, I am actually looking forward to using the featured product in the near future.  Is that a crazy thing to yearn for as this baby kicks my ribs and happily eats away at my every calorie as I hungrily consume leafy greens while longing for real food?  My pregnancy has been nothing but pure health, wellness and joy, so I cannot complain, but to have your body back to yourself is a common (if not the most common) plea of most pregnant women.  The others who say they love ‘sharing their bodies’ or acting as ‘permanent hosts’, are liars. 

As I grow in my pregnancy though, I must say, I am also growing in my learning about this multi-faceted career called “artist.”  As I have mentioned before, it is an ongoing feat of balancing multiple streams of income and getting the actual painting done as well (which I am finding is what actually pays).  I would like to tell you about TOAE since I publicly declared my goal of taking home $5000 and then did not follow through on revealing my full experience upon getting home! 

My TOAE set up with Katie Dutton seen behind

My set up under the overhang!

The overall experience of Toronto was made especially rich since i had many friends there that i had not seen in a long time.  My booth was set up (with the KINDEST help of my good friend Dean) right by my dear friend  Katie Dutton.  (If you don’t already own a Dutton, get on it!) 

Katie Dutton’s goods

Superheros Series by Katie

Katie’s set up was stellar and she was accompanied by her oh-so-funny partner Jeremy.  On her left was Montreal’s famous Amber Albrecht who ended up taking home the “Best Printmaking” award and from whom I scored the most delicious print for a trade! 

Amber’s Prints and fans

We were blessed with many visitors including Beth Stuart and company, Mark Pennock and his so cute girlfriend Karen Kraven Luke Painter and i used to live together and he and his girlfriend Faith came by SO much we could have all kissed them they were that helpful.  The people helping out and coming by to show their support by FAR made the long hours turn from bearable to exquisite and were of the essence when it came to taking short breaks and attempting to see any of the other art that was there. Here is some work I loved by Su Sheedy and I also bought a fabulous photo by Talia Shipman here as well! 

Su’s beautiful encaustics

Being that there were over 500 artists, it was so well organized and so much diversity.  The content of the show was overall less challenging than i would have liked to see.  There was little/no performance and a plethora of consumable, buyable goods.  Since I am now a camper in that camp, I cannot so righteously take the side of “work that sets out to change it all“, but do love to feast my eyes on anything seriously intelligent, witty or limit-shattering.  Overall the vibe at TOAE was uplifting and so positive.  I left feeling a real sense of having participated in something unique, massive and really fun. 

The best experience of TOAE was seeing who my buyer is.  I was able to tell who was going to buy by the end of the weekend.  My buyers are definitely looking for ‘cabin’ or ‘condo’ art.  Upon approach I would say in my head, ‘cabin’ and sure enough I could nail it by Sunday afternoon!  It was SO great interacting with the people.  There were over 100, 000 visitors and almost everyone I talked to had been before or came religiously.  Some were first timers, and most were lookers for sure.  What it showed me is the sheer VOLUME of people that have to look at your stuff in order to make a sale!  Since I have been doing so much of my sales over the Internet and now through three galleries, keeping my pulse on who is interested, who is not, what they are looking at and what people are buying gets more and more removed.  TOAE brought me right back into the selling side of the business which i love.  I feel I closed many sales through valuing what the buyer valued and reading their style and what they were drawn to.  Never think someone cannot afford something because of the way they appear unless they say “I cannot afford this.”  Then tell them about your payment plan that ‘almost every client takes advantage of’ (optional).  I really enjoyed every person i sold to, which also shows me that you can attract a kind buyer and good people no matter what business you are in.  I kept waiting for a jerk to try and buy one of my paintings, but none ever came along.  my favorite comment of the weekend was a grandmother saying to her 8 year old granddaughter, “Now see Alice, HERE is something you could paint.”  That was reel cute…

The first day I dressed like my paintings, which is about as funny as dressing like your husband when you are wearing matching windbreakers at 50.  It was a great conversation piece, so for anyone looking to apply for the show next year, get under the overhang, be pregnant if you can, get your friends to come by and do some work for you so you can go and see the art and try and dress like your paintings so shy people have something to comment on when they approach you to buy nothing.  Ask people about themselves, since people love that topic.  Oh, and yeah, I did make $5000 on the nose.  But, I did say in my last post about TOAE that I wanted to make sure that I made $5000 after expenses were covered (about $1500 for me), so be sure to tell the universe the EXACT details of your requests, don’t just say “$5000” like I did and get stuck with the costs!

Friends help friends

NOTE:  For well done, good contemporary art in Toronto right now, I recommend:  “Damn Your Eyes” at the MOCCA on Queen which BLEW ME AWAY as far as well curated and body-transporting sound art goes!!!

Outside the MOCCA is a wall mounted photo of people taking digital photos of the Kodak building being blown-up