Happy Birthday, Loaded Bow!

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Loaded Bow recently celebrated its first birthday.  It is hard to believe that a year has gone by, but what a year it has been.

A wedding, a baby, paternity leave, travel, and meeting many new friends. 

And, of course, we can’t forget our crash course in blogging, learning along the way from the best.  We hammered out a name, had ourselves a photo shoot, stumbled upon a logo, and found ourselves a mentor.  Most importantly, we met incredible women doing incredible things. 

We have big plans up our sleeve for the next year, and are set to keep meeting these amazing ladies.  Thanks for all the help we’ve received thus far!

With Love,

gen+zoe+loaded bow


3 Lady-run, Lady-begun, Vancouver Companies

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Women in Vancouver are finding ways to make their own money by taking all the right steps.  Here are three Vancouver businesses I have found that have a special, specific niche.  Being niche requires a great idea, a little innovation and a lot of referrals.  Every client must be treated so well that they come to you and refer only you, so that you can beat out the competition that may take the majority of the pie.  Who needs the whole pie when you’ve got the best slice??!! To make it as a female entrepreneur, you must set yourself apart from the rest.  Here’s how these Vancouver ladies are doing just that!

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Kiva: Moms and Microfinance

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This Mother’s Day, Kev and I forfeited flowers to buy our moms gift certificates to Kiva.  Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, allowing individuals to lend directly to entrepreneurs around the world. 

Choose your entrepreneur and donate what your able to their loan.  100% of your donation goes directly to the individual.  Over the next six months to one year, receive updates on the status of their business.  Once they have repaid the loan you are able to reinvest the money with other Kiva entrepreneurs.  Over 45,000 entrepreneurs have already paid off their loan.

Kiva allows you to circumvent organizations that often have costly overhead, and invest directly into communities.  The next time you need to give, consider spending your money here!


Travel Essentials: A Travel Addict’s Tips

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Kevin and I recently returned home from 3 crazy weeks in Europe.  We were there on business, but we also made sure to cram in as much play as possible.  It was our 16th trip in 12 months.  Here are my top tips for minimizing that gap between business and pleasure while on the road…


1.  Charge it

If you have a biz with high expenses, make sure your plastic comes with benefits.  An unexpected perk of being married to a goldsmith, is that we have a ridiculously high Visa bill each month.  Perk, you say?? Well, gold and diamonds don’t come cheap, and for every dollar that we spend on materials, we are also pocketing air miles.  Our credit card has taken us to Montreal, Toronto, LA, New York, Argentina and Germany.

When it’s time to cash in those points, choose carefully.  A flight from Vancouver to Toronto often costs the same as a flight to Europe, but only requires half the number of points.  Therefore, I try to search out travel deals to places like Europe, and use my points for North American travel.

If you are traveling with your partner (business or personal!), alternate whose points you use, rather than each of you using your own points.  For example, when we flew to Argentina, I used my points to fly us both.  Because I was paying with points, I wasn’t eligible to collect more for flying, but Kevin was.  When we flew to Europe, we used Kev’s points, so I could collect.  This way we actually ended up pocketing thousands of points while we were using them!

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Amanda Beisel, of SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic, on the business of natural beauty

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The Radiant Amanda Beisel

The Story of how SKN came to be…

Becoming an entrepreneur all happened very quickly as I am a leap-in-head-first kinda gal! I guess that’s how I conquer fear. As soon as I feel fear rear it’s ugly lil’head, making me second guess myself, I just dive right in.  Taking a leap may not the best business advice for everyone, but fear can be very debilitating.

I didn’t write a business plan and I don’t regret it one bit.  I did happen to find a really great business coach who helped me develop a business model which is very different from a business plan.

I became a licensed acupuncturist in February of 2008. At the time, I was a receptionist in a chiropractic clinic and working at a health food store. The owner of the clinic kindly offered his space to me on the weekends so I could start treating clients. Working in a health food store at this time taught me an invaluable amount about natural supplements and nutrition. Outside of work I continued to study and began providing all my clients with health plans and was getting amazing results.

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Interview and Contest with Cheeky Umbrella owner, Jen Zurowski

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Jen Zurowski of Cheeky Umbrella shares her thoughts on making rainy days bright.  Be sure to check out our contest at the bottom of the post!!


Loaded Bow:  What does your company Cheeky Umbrella do?

Jen Zurowski:  We brighten rainy days with our line of cute and colourful rain umbrellas for women!

LB:  Where did the idea for Cheeky Umbrella come from?

JZ:  The idea came out of my own needs and wants actually. When I first moved to Vancouver in 2001, I was living in Kitsilano and commuting downtown to work on transit, so I was looking for an umbrella with good quality and a cute design. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and when I talked to my female friends and colleagues, I found that they had the same frustration in finding an umbrella. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so this idea stuck with me until I was ready and able to make the jump to self-employment. I researched the idea over the many years that followed and launched Cheeky Umbrella in September 2008.

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Group Coaching in Vancouver

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Heather White, Gen Ennis and Zoe Pawlak

Heather White is launching a 6 Month Group Coaching Program. Attached is an overview of the program. The sessions will be held at The Roundhouse Community Centre Yaletown.

Thursday April 23rd – 6:00pm
Thursday May 28th – 6:00pm
Thursday June 25th – 6:00pm
Thursday July 30th – 6:00pm
Thursday August 20th – 6:00pm
Thursday September 24th – 6:00pm 

Contact Heather White