About Us


To arm the female entrepreneur with information, resources and stories that will support and inspire her in all of her business endeavors.

The Imagery

The LOADED BOW is filled with potential energy. It takes precision and skill for the archer to accurately hit her target. Aim and focus are of the essence.

The Story

LOADED BOW was founded by two friends who are inspired by all women who forge their own path. The entrepreneurial bug bit us at a young age. Together as children, we dabbled in many ventures from sewing tie-dyed swimsuits, to bottling cinnamon and sugar for toast, to attempting to mass produce scrunchies! Now, as young women we are navigating our way through the challenges and successes of our own true businesses.

We have a deep respect for the pure passion that drives all entrepreneurs. Through LOADED BOW we seek to explore the experiences and accomplishments of the female business founder, and to facilitate her growth so that she may approach her business with confidence and conviction.

The Friends



Zoë Pawlak

When I meet new people and make the bold statement that I am an artist, I am often faced with the question, “What is it that artists do to make a living?” Upon graduating from Art school in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005, my career was largely a mystery to me. 3 years later, I have immersed myself in the chaos of my field and I am learning everyday that I must rely on many connections and streams of income. I juggle the use of the web, my print work, my marketing and design work, my representation in galleries, and my teaching contracts as a means to making one salary.

While my peers in the arts have provided me with a great deal of joy and inspiration, the people who have most affected my business have been business people themselves. Recently, I consulted Peter Reek about my career growth. I explained that I was aspiring to make $24,000 this year from art sales alone. I was encouraged and challenged when he replied, “Of course! I should HOPE you are able to do that because – if not – you should look to be in another field.”

I have almost reached my goal that I set with Peter and it is only May. Interconnecting with others, a savvy use of the web, and progressing towards a real business plan have been integral in exponentially moving me to the place I had originally aimed for. LOADED BOW will continue this push for excellence and the exploration of the challenges and rewards of being my own determined leader.

Genevieve Ennis

Pinning down passion. It is a difficult thing to do. As I went through university and graduate school, I was under the illusion that my focus would narrow with experience and education. Instead, my interests broadened and multiplied!

I was beginning my career without a strong sense of direction as I was pulled between my passions. This left me anxious as I tried to reconcile the scope of my interests with my desire to have a fulfilling and successful career. As I began to own the direction my career was taking, I began to feel more comfortable with idea of working for myself. This has accommodated the multiplicity of my interests and has given me the freedom to pursue multiple opportunities from instructing at a university to running a business with my fiancé.

Recently I was struck by the number of women I know who have embarked on ambitious projects as entrepreneurs. I am learning that there are multiple avenues to do this and that many amazing women have paved the way before us. Few paths lead to as many obstacles as going into business for oneself, but few are as rewarding. LOADED BOW offers a means to pass along invaluable information, resources and stories from ladies who have tapped into their potential as entrepreneurs.



10 Responses to “About Us”

  1. You both have the potential and focus but in addition, you have the ambition, drive and ability to follow through. Congratulations on an amazing site!

  2. Kathryn Gardiner Says:

    This site is phenomenal and extremely inspiting! I can’t wait to read on!Well done ladies!!!!

  3. Awesome initiative, gals! Especially since I am in the 99% male industry of technical scuba diving, it is fun to connect with some like-minded girls.

  4. Erin Schopfer Says:

    Zoe and Gen, what a fantastic and inspiring site! I’m awed.

  5. Hilary Pennie Says:

    I too will be venturing into the WIDE world of self employment with a jewellery business soon to be announced! LOVE your ideals and outlook . . . this site is AMAZING, well done ladies! 🙂

  6. oh, new pix! Way to represent Canada girls, good colour form. I’m reading every day. Your WOW!

  7. Laura Howren Says:

    You two HAVE always been entrpeneurial!!! The story made me laugh. You are and always have been such an inspiration to so many of us. Love your site!

  8. I have heard your website mentioned by at least two of my peers so I decided to finally check it out. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and hopefully applying them to my own entrepreneurial endeavors with my blog Modern Mix Vancouver!

  9. Read about you in the Crave Vancouver book!
    Can’t wait to read more on this blog. Way to go, you guys!

  10. […] did we have so much doubt?   Perhaps it’s because we started our first business in Grade 3 making tie-dyed swimsuits and scrunchies to sell at school, so sitting in a board room together feels more like playing dress-up, than doing […]

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