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  1. Jessica Says:

    hey, i discovered your site because of your facebook wall post on the sugarbox group…love the article on Jane!!!!!!!!!! I’m a sugarbox addict!

    anyways i was just wondering who the model in the photo with the bow is? cuz i was blown away by the resemblance to miss jane brookes herself.

    thanks !

  2. Not wanting to make my introduction a negative but I must honestly say that based on my past experience, I have had serious doubts about sales through the internet. I used to own an art gallery i where I marketed my work and the work of other artists. I had a web site designed for the gallery but had very little success with internet sales. I closed the gallery in 2007 and I am now refocusing on promoting my own work which brings me to why I writing to you now. Can loadedbow website help me and how? Suzanne

  3. loadedbow Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Suzanne. I will let Zoe speak to how the internet has propelled her painting career (which it absoluly has!), but I can comment on how our online presence has pleasantly surprised us. Neither of us has any technical background and so we have had a pretty steep learning curve. We both thought that bringing our work online would simply mean fostering online relationships, but it has opened many doors for us in the non-virtual world.

    We have learned quickly, however, that simply having a place to reside online is not enough. Virtual relationships and networks need to be actively fostered just as much as the more traditional variety do. There is a need to reach out to others to let them know that you are there and that you have something to offer. It is also important to know what others are doing in your online community because those are the people that are going to support you and send you traffic.

    I would recommend searching out blogs, ezines, online contests, etc. that are relevant to your work. You may also want to search out a Social Media Consultant (we recently sat down with the lovely Megan Cole – see Blogroll) who will be able to give you loads of advice on creating a more powerful online network.

    I would also speak to as many people as possible about what their experiences and what they have found works for them. Tap into the art community to see what others are doing to take their work and sales online.

    As for LOADED BOW, we are trying to provide a cross-section of resources and inspiring stories to help women move forwards with their businesses. Continuing to post comments will gradually increase your visability. We hope that you will continue to check back and participate in conversations about business!

    Most importantly, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is something that we might be able to offer or feature that you would find helpful (that goes for ANYONE!!).


  4. loadedbow Says:

    I love what Gen has to say about REAL life interaction. I will intro my career as saying i had sold paintings in the past, but until this year, had not considered myself a business woman, or a woman in charge of anything to do with a ‘market’ or ‘product’. Those terms were foriegn to me, but i knew i could paint. Linking the two involved asking a lot of opinions OUTSIDE of the artworld in which i was limited to only the extent that others in this circle had achieved. I asked to meet with every sucessful person i knew and took a thought or resource from everyone until i had formed a foundation from which i felt i could launch my art into…i inserted my art into a plan. I also spend 15 mins a day looking for “work” (applying to galleries, looking at what others are doing, applying to competitions, looking for grants, etc.) I love what i do and i love the business as much as the art-making (if not more). Follow your heart, your work reveals a committment to the trade and no fear of revealing your emotions and range of talents/mediums. Keep it real, and as Gen has said, let us know if we can provide you with any info you require or desire;)

  5. I’m not sure how I discovered this site. I do know it was from a link from a write-up about Zoe’s paintings.

    Anyway, I know this site is geared toward the female entrepeneur, but I read it anyway. The info and interviews are useful to me. I love reading about people in creative fields starting their own businesses, and making it happen.

    Lots of great info, and I’ll pass this site on to folks I know.

  6. I really enjoy your site. I came by it through blogsbywomen. I wish you both the greatest of success in your pursuits. I will be coming back for the great information…it’s already a great help as I pursue increasing my client load as a Life Coach via the internet
    Tara S. Dickherber, M.Ed, CPC

  7. Wilda Schab Says:

    Hi Gen,
    I finally took the time to read your website and want to commend you on your work. Reads like you are having fun!

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