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Group Coaching in Vancouver

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Heather White, Gen Ennis and Zoe Pawlak

Heather White is launching a 6 Month Group Coaching Program. Attached is an overview of the program. The sessions will be held at The Roundhouse Community Centre Yaletown.

Thursday April 23rd – 6:00pm
Thursday May 28th – 6:00pm
Thursday June 25th – 6:00pm
Thursday July 30th – 6:00pm
Thursday August 20th – 6:00pm
Thursday September 24th – 6:00pm 

Contact Heather White





Set Yourself up for a Little Criticism

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I realised this week that I have not let my community be honest with me in awhile and that I am ready for some growth. I need to expand and improve and cannot do this on my own. Our coach, Heather White says, “The death of the entrepreneur is solitude!”


This was two years ago…outdoors…and so fun!

Last Sunday I taught a painting class. I love teaching and am learning how to be a better teacher. One way to do this is to send out a questionnaire. A questionnaire is a request for feedback and the odd comment about what you could improve on for those students brave enough to say that they had a complaint….scary for a new teacher but ABSOLUTLY essential.  I also invite my coach to attend for free so that she can give me the invaluable advice on how to run the class better not only as a teacher, but to improve my profits.  It was scary for me to have her there and expose myself like that, but no scarier than her having to paint for the first time since she was a child…tehe.  SHE DID AWESOME!


Feel the fear and do it ANYWAYS!

I also recently called upon all the artist that I admire and respect in the Vancouver Area and asked them to come and critique my work at my upcoming solo show. That’s right; I invited them to critique my work. Though in other fields criticism may not be a common way to grow, it is as inherent in the arts as the use of paint. Art school is particularly concerned with crits and the assembly of twenty to thirty peers around a few canvases in an art school studio is about the most common use of tuition dollars. For better or worse, the crit is a bit part of growing as an artist and learning the language of how to discern that which is cohesive and essential in your work and that which the budding artist can eliminate in order to achieve maturity.

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Some Things I have Learned This Week

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I learned some things this week.  A big part of the idea of this blog is to share what we learn with each other, so here are a few things I learned this week in no order of importance, but all equally important:


Catching the Land, A New Painting by Zoe Pawlak

Get a good accountant. Our personal trainer recently got a new accountant and they got her money back from the past two years. I would not do business taxes alone. I pay $120 but I know there are better people out there who are more expensive. If paying $300 saves you $1000, it is totally worth it to shop around. Also, get a list of what your accountant will do for you before you go ahead with their services. My girlfriend can literally drop off a shoebox of receipts and that is worth it to her, whereas with mine, I have to be really organized but I pay much less for the service.

And don’t forget to save money in a savings fund (Do NOT touch this money!) for your TAXES so you don’t get a total surprise at tax season!

Be good to yourself. Remember that you are doing a lot and there is often no one above you telling you this! I ask my partner to tell me I am doing a good job. I am a big fan of asking for what fuels you and this makes me happy, more productive and a better worker. I don’t rely on him to build up my entire professional self esteem (which is not as strong as I had thought it was) but I do get him to tell me I am workin’ it for our family, so that I can go out to the studio with his positive words in my head and produce really great work!  Really great work leaves really great money!

Being sick with children is not as fun as it was without children. Period.

Keep trading. I love trading services for my paintings. Your babysitting time can be traded for business cards. You have things or time to trade, so do it. I need models for an upcoming photo shoot for paintings and so I have offered each person a trade for their time. For one, I will look after her son so she can go for a jog, for one I will coach her for an hour for her business and for one I will paint a mural for an hour she needs help with. You are valuable and have lots of valuable skills others may need, just ask. Make sure they are commitments you can follow up with. If you are worried about up keeping your part, or have extra cash hanging around, sometimes it is better to just pay for something!

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Host Papa: A Web Hosting Service

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Okay, so you have your website ready or in the works, you have chosen a logo and title for your business, but you need some online real estate for your domain name.  Even if you are still in the planning stages of your business, you can buy your domain name in advance so no one snags up your great business name.


You are looking for a web hosting service.  For all you Canadians, or those who want to support Canadian business, looking for a host, this website is the most easy to use and has the best green practices of any hosting company we have come across. 


HostPapa is a privately-owned company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They have VIDEO tutorials for how to change over your website or upload a new one!!

HostPapa currently offers the following services:

Web Hosting Services
Domain Name Registration
Small Business Pak
Web Site Design

Host Papa is %100 run by green energy.  We highly recommend Host Papa. 



The Facts about Women in Business

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The facts are here.  It is our time (as our mentor Heather White says) “to evolve or die.”  Here we are ladies.  Let’s make the most of each day, employ great people, love our jobs, have free time, build our families, have healthy relationships and in the meantime…why not make it a million $ business??!


Consider the facts:

Women-owned businesses employ approximately 27 million people

Women own 48% of all businesses in the United States — that is 9.1 million businesses *

Women business owners contribute more than $3.6 trillion to the marketplace each year, and women account for more than 70% of consumer spending *

55% of women provide half or more of their household’s income, yet 48 million women — that is 80% of all women in the workforce — earn less than $25,000 a year *Facts from “The National Foundation for Women Business Owners

Join us this month for Tech Talk February.  Though we may not grow your business to a million dollars by the end of Feb. we will commit to teaching you all we know (and don’t know) about technology and it’s relationship to growing your small (and big) business!



Register your Business in BC, Clearly Contacts, Neat Reciepts and processing Visas

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While Gen is riding around on a scooter in Uruguay enjoying a delayed (and well-deserved) honeymoon, i am here looking up some great deals and info for your Loaded Bow readers who are working hard for your money.  I thought I’d treat you to some time and money saving tips I have recently come across.


Here’s a link to register your business in BC.  There are similar sites in every province and each site contains so much information about when and why to register.  One thing that was recomeneded to me was to join the Chamber of Commerce in my Community.  I had never thought of this for networking events and all the other goodness that being a member can bring, but it seems that for the price (and the fact that it is a business expense) this could prove to be a great way to be a part of my immediate business community. 

One thing they also offer is really a affordable way to process Visas and Master Cards, so it may well be worth looking into signing up for this in your community.  Gen’s husband has been looking into it for his business and he has also found that Costco offers a really great service too since many of his clients have been asking to process their payments through Visa and MC.

 The main reason becoming a member of the Chamber was brought to my attention was for the benefit of the medical plan a membership offers.  You become a member for a fee and are then eligible for the Group Rates even if you are a business of one!  This lowers rates and improves the type of plan you can be on. 

I do not have a medical plan and needed new glasses recently and was SO IMPRESSED with Clearly Contacts online service.  They now offer contacts and glasses and i got great frames and lenses for $39.90.  They were sent to me in the mail in three days!  they even have a special thing where you can ask for four pairs and try them out!  I recommend going to your local glasses store, trying a bunch of pairs on, writing down the makes and styles and then picking them online while the ones that look best are still in your memory.  I know for our family the difference between spending $400 and $39.90 was a great help to our family this month!


Has every business owner already heard of Neat Reciepts?  The following is a little story by our very favorite local business lady Jane Brookes of Sugar Box who has come to love this product.


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Jenny Duffy of Money Talks

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Money Talks with Jenny Duffy is one of your favorites.  Here Jenny answers questions related to the money side of owning your own business.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for Jenny.  We always love to hear from you!

Jenny Duffy

Jenny Duffy

Loaded Bow: If you hear a woman say she has earned $10, 000 and she then tries to claim only $5000 on her tax return, which amount do you write down?

Jenny Duffy: I would claim the entire $10,000. Tax evasion is a serious offence, and Canada Revenue Agency has certain checks in place to ensure people claim all their income. For example, they can cross check any T4 reported by employers, and check to see if you have reported the income on your tax return. I always advise reporting all your income.

Loaded Bow

Loaded Bow

LB: I have been told that the tax system is one based on trust. Are you held liable if one of your clients does not provide the whole truth?

JD: I rely on my clients to be honest and truthful with me, and they rely on me to provide them with excellent service. If a client breaks that trust, it impedes my ability to do my job correctly. Trust is paramount.

From a legal standpoint, my job is to prepare the client’s taxes based upon the information provide to me. If they withhold information from me, and they are later caught, the client would be responsible for paying any penalties and fines. If I prepare a client’s return with information which I know to be incorrect, then I can be fined heavily by CRA and I would also be subject to reprimand by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia.

LB: How can someone get caught if they lie on their taxes? What are the repercussions?

JD: Typically you would have to pay interest and penalties and would have to repay any additional taxes. In the most serious situation, incarceration may result.

LB: My accountant recently told me that I should save all my files for up to seven years. Why is this?

JD:  CRA can audit your tax returns for a period of up to 7 years after the date of filing. Keeping records ensures you can answer any questions they have.

LB: The second she earns any income on her own, is she then a small business?

JD: Technically yes.

LB: If I own my own business and my husband does not, should I always use my debit or credit card instead of his to pay for stuff?

JD: The easier the paper trail is to follow, the better. Therefore I recommend using your own card. If it cannot be avoided, always keep your receipts.

LB: I often have friends who are business owners who pay for lunch and take the receipt to claim on their taxes. As a business owner myself, should I be trying to accumulate lunch bills just for the sake of claiming them or only if I can a) truly afford it and b) it was truly a business lunch?

JD:  You can write off the cost of business lunches which were conducted in order to obtain new business, or maintain existing business relations.