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I never thought I would really meet her.  I no longer listen to Sarah’s music, but for a LARGE part of my life, Sarah meant everything to me.  Sarah’s music was the way I learned that I had a voice.  I took my mom to her very first concert to Lilith Fair.  I sang “I Will Remember You” at both one of my best friend’s grads and at my aunt’s funeral.  Sarah’s has always been my only real icon of the youth I loved and hated and fought through.  She was often the woman I looked to to show me how to follow my dreams and use my words and voice to communicate what I am passionate about in this life.  She is the only person I have ever owned a poster of.


I never thought it would really mean anything to me to meet her.  I had never considered it.  But that’s the way it is with the great times in life that take you by surprise and take your breath away.  I was literally panting (I’m sure she thought that was hot) while I met her, had cheese and wine breath and just kept saying “Thank you for your work.”  It strikes me odd that I would say “Thank you for your work.” But now as I am a mother and an artist and an entrepreneur, I really see how all this work I put in, transfers into many things for many people. My work turns into money for our family, inspiration to teens and other women, a way of learning life that is often so challenging for me, a way to form professional friendships and many other unknown forms of energy that move into the world and affect every person I encounter.  Sarah has no idea what her music meant to me, but I am so grateful to have met her last night.


When you give, things come back to you again and again.  I gave a piece of art to Unite with Art which is a huge fundraiser for children living with AIDS. Last week, a client found me through their website and then I got to meet thier interior designer. I then  got to be at the gala, make a connection with a woman artist whom I greatly admire, and then meet Sarah McLachlan!  The Greatest Salesman in the World suggests that you give away half of your worldly possesions.  How much would we recieve if we were to give that much?  For now, give what you can, and one day, you too may meet Sarah McLachlan!




Some Things I have Learned This Week

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I learned some things this week.  A big part of the idea of this blog is to share what we learn with each other, so here are a few things I learned this week in no order of importance, but all equally important:


Catching the Land, A New Painting by Zoe Pawlak

Get a good accountant. Our personal trainer recently got a new accountant and they got her money back from the past two years. I would not do business taxes alone. I pay $120 but I know there are better people out there who are more expensive. If paying $300 saves you $1000, it is totally worth it to shop around. Also, get a list of what your accountant will do for you before you go ahead with their services. My girlfriend can literally drop off a shoebox of receipts and that is worth it to her, whereas with mine, I have to be really organized but I pay much less for the service.

And don’t forget to save money in a savings fund (Do NOT touch this money!) for your TAXES so you don’t get a total surprise at tax season!

Be good to yourself. Remember that you are doing a lot and there is often no one above you telling you this! I ask my partner to tell me I am doing a good job. I am a big fan of asking for what fuels you and this makes me happy, more productive and a better worker. I don’t rely on him to build up my entire professional self esteem (which is not as strong as I had thought it was) but I do get him to tell me I am workin’ it for our family, so that I can go out to the studio with his positive words in my head and produce really great work!  Really great work leaves really great money!

Being sick with children is not as fun as it was without children. Period.

Keep trading. I love trading services for my paintings. Your babysitting time can be traded for business cards. You have things or time to trade, so do it. I need models for an upcoming photo shoot for paintings and so I have offered each person a trade for their time. For one, I will look after her son so she can go for a jog, for one I will coach her for an hour for her business and for one I will paint a mural for an hour she needs help with. You are valuable and have lots of valuable skills others may need, just ask. Make sure they are commitments you can follow up with. If you are worried about up keeping your part, or have extra cash hanging around, sometimes it is better to just pay for something!

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Heather White Talks at Wired Women about Time Managment

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HEL-LO NEW YEAR!  Last Thursday night was so inspirational and exciting.  I got to see Heather in person at the Wired Woman event in Vancouver. 

Heather White

Though Heather White has been our mentor for Loaded Bow and we have met with her one on one, in person she is fire.  She was HILARIOUS, so relevent and very, very informativeve.  Heather satisfied ever lady in the group with her wild stories, great metaphors and helpful tips to real frustrations that block women from excelling. If you are looking for a coach to take you further than you ever imagined, she’s the one

Loaded Bow

If you are looking for a realistic way to get to vague destinations, this lady doesn’t believe in realistic and she has certainly never even been to the planet ‘vauge’!


The Cheaper Show – Vancouver’s Smartest Art Show

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The Cheaper Show is in it’s 8th year and is being held on Saturday night at Storyeum in Gastown, Vancouver.  The show’s premise it to gain exposure for 150 emerging and underexposed artists and to show 300 + international, quality works selling them for $200 each, bringing in hundreds of buyers and throwing the ultimate party top it all off! 

Megan Cole with the Cheaper Poster

Megan Cole with 2008 Cheaper Poster (she’s going too)

The Executive Director is Graeme Berglun who is one of Vancouver’s most forward thinkers when it comes to art, it’s markets, dissemination and presentation/accessibility to the masses.  Last years show saw over 1500 people at the fab venue, the Porsche Dealership on Third.  Not only is Graeme a top-notch curator and assembler of the annual Cheaper Show, but his own work had it’s own solo Vancouver debut at the Douglas Udell Gallery in 2005.  This body of work was a series entitled “The Mongrel Corridors” which featured uncannily realistic acrylic paintings of alleyways in Vancouver’s east end.  They were not only hauntingly beautiful enough to capture the attention of Udell, but also raised the bar for Graeme, challenging him to continue making the stunning work he does.  Graeme aspires to engage audiences through art, performance, literature and sound. His multifaceted career includes designing the CD cover for local indie band the Castle Project, drafting illustrations for The Georgia Straight, performing with his band and consulting on the interior design show “Love It or Lose It.”  The Cheaper Show has been a hit every year running and this year’s biggest one yet is no doubt be garunteed to be a huge hit with buyers and the art community at large. 

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