3 Lady-run, Lady-begun, Vancouver Companies

Women in Vancouver are finding ways to make their own money by taking all the right steps.  Here are three Vancouver businesses I have found that have a special, specific niche.  Being niche requires a great idea, a little innovation and a lot of referrals.  Every client must be treated so well that they come to you and refer only you, so that you can beat out the competition that may take the majority of the pie.  Who needs the whole pie when you’ve got the best slice??!! To make it as a female entrepreneur, you must set yourself apart from the rest.  Here’s how these Vancouver ladies are doing just that!

Clear the Floor

ClearTheFloor Web Page 

“Say ‘Ho’ if you know that the flow will get you out on the floor and make you sweat fo sho!” That’s a line in a rap song that pretty much sums up the intention of this company.  Clear the floor, shake it, work it and make your event one to remember!  Amy Alto and Moe Brody are the two ladies who have followed their hearts and moved their feet straight  to the dance floor.  Clear the Floor is owned by Moe Brody and Amy Alto. It was started in January, 2009 and takes place out of Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver, BC.

LB: What is Clear the Floor?

CTF:  We are a company that provides dance choreography for dancers and non-dancers for any public event. We specialize in the unconventional wedding first dance, but we also do corporate events, anniversaries, parties or anything else you think you might want to add a little flavour to.

LB: How did you come up with the idea for Clear the Floor!?


Amy and Moe in Mexico

CTF:  Moe was married in Mexico this past December and being a dancer herself you had to expect something. So true to Moe’s creative mind in always striving to be unique, she went with the unexpected. A few living room rehearsals later she transformed her Financial Planner husband with ZERO dance experience into a bonafide dancer. The guests were shocked when they hit the floor doing a full on hip hop duo. Caught on film and promptly posted on You Tube it became the talk of the wedding.

Here is the link to Moe and her husband Brian’s dance they did at their wedding in Mexico this past Dec. It was awesome and a total surprise to their friends and family. He has ZERO dance experience and it turned out great.  This is Mr & Mrs Gardiner!

Arriving home and fielding calls from excited brides wanting the same dance for their wedding night, we then realized there is no company like this in Vancouver. The concept of Clear The Floor was born.

LB: What does it mean to work in partnership?

CTF:  It’s the absolute best way to run a business. Each partner contributes something different to the company as we are specialized in different skills. Amy is fantastic at marketing, computer graphics and organizing. I am a professional dance choreographer, whether beginner to advanced, my place is in the dance studio. We also believe in each other and that is important.

LB: What is the rewarding part about your ‘job’?

CTF:  When we see the bride and groom loving what we did for them. Not to mention there are lots of laughs. Its so satisfying when you know you’ve help someone create a moment that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives.

Carolyn and Paul, Amy and Moe’s first clients in MexicoCarolyn Dawe & Paul Gross

It started with a slow dance…but…

Carolyn & Paul Wedding Dance

tuned into FABULOUS….

Carolyn & Paul Dance

LB: What gave you the push to become entrepreneurs?


CTF:  We both knew we had something to offer that was innovative, creative and fun! We are passionate about the concept and after realizing we could possibly provide some income and have a great time along the way it was a no brainer. We always look forward to seeing our clients because it is a guaranteed good time.

LB: How did you know that your idea was viable?

CTF:  We did some research on line and there was not a single company that provided the exact type of service we do. Dance studios are everywhere, but we offer something different. It is also a fun trend for weddings and a break from the traditional first dance. Don’t get me wrong, a slow first dance is a great moment, but it’s not for everyone. We think it’s important to make sure the personalities of the bride and groom are evident and not lost in the formalities of the event.

LB: What do trades do for a new business? How have you used trades to start your business?

CTF:  Trades are great for a new business, the concept of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” is key. We believe referrals are the best form of advertising and it’s a struggle with every new business to get the word out. Harbour Dance Centre has been great at helping us get started because we share the same field, but offer different services and are therefore able to promote one another.

LB: What advice would you give to young women wanting to start their own business?

CTF:  If you are really passionate about your product and believe in it, there is a market out there…go team go!

I’m a Mrs.

The name change process can be a bit daunting.  These ladies saw a little problem and responded with a package.  “i’m a mrs.was created by best friends Claire Lamont and Jo-Anne Stayner.


I’m a Mrs.

Canadian brides can now change their name with one easy stop.  There they can access all the forms, instructions and personalized letters needed for that last big step: taking your partner’s last name. Women today don’t have time to track down forms, send letters off to their loyalty programs or fill out all the forms. That’s why I’m a Mrs. is the perfect shower or wedding gift for the busy bride. It takes the effort and worry out of the name change process. What can take some brides months or years to get around to; women can do in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve found that special someone you don’t want to spend your time filling out forms to show your commitment on a driver’s license.

A New Second Location for the Much-Loved Sugarbox


Jane, Mara, Lindsay, Sarah, Kim and Briar are announcing a swishy new Sugarbox! Sugarbox is the business brainchild of Miss Jane Brookes. Immaculate Waxing for your most special parts.

Paired up with the new Chop Shop, the last month has been spent painting, antique hunting, and wallpapering so that everything is just right!  Now the pink carpet is all rolled out for all their amazing clients who want to experience Sugarbox.  It’s a big and beautiful space where you can chill out and relax while you enjoy your treatment in a warm and professional environment.  If you`re in Vancouver, visit Yaletown or their second location at 1035 Commercial Drive.




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