Amanda Beisel, of SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic, on the business of natural beauty

The Radiant Amanda Beisel

The Story of how SKN came to be…

Becoming an entrepreneur all happened very quickly as I am a leap-in-head-first kinda gal! I guess that’s how I conquer fear. As soon as I feel fear rear it’s ugly lil’head, making me second guess myself, I just dive right in.  Taking a leap may not the best business advice for everyone, but fear can be very debilitating.

I didn’t write a business plan and I don’t regret it one bit.  I did happen to find a really great business coach who helped me develop a business model which is very different from a business plan.

I became a licensed acupuncturist in February of 2008. At the time, I was a receptionist in a chiropractic clinic and working at a health food store. The owner of the clinic kindly offered his space to me on the weekends so I could start treating clients. Working in a health food store at this time taught me an invaluable amount about natural supplements and nutrition. Outside of work I continued to study and began providing all my clients with health plans and was getting amazing results.

I had one client who had suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 15 years and the doctor could not do anything for her.  Once I performed acupuncture and created a health plan for her.  She has never felt better. This proved to be a very powerful combination: acupuncture, nutrition and supplements.

Many clients informed me that going into a health food store was extremely overwhelming due to the thousands of options. Fortunately for me, it’s like going into a shoe store. I get very excited and, more importantly, I know which supplements to choose.

After about a month I had an urge to find my own space but had very little money to do so. Still, I went out searching and that day I found a tiny office in Yaletwon and convinced two fellow acupuncture graduates to split the rent and the days three ways.  I noticed there was a niche market for beauty but the only options were botox, fillers, and lasers. It surprised me that health-conscious Vancouverites were so big into these invasive procedures, but I suspected it was because they have no other alternatives.

As an acupuncturist and natural health practitioner I knew there was an undeniable connection between one’s health and the look of one’s skin. Having returned from sunny California after studying cosmetic acupuncture I felt inspired and excited to start offering cosmetic acupuncture to my clients. I was getting great results preventing and correcting the signs of aging, as well as decreasing acne.

This is when I made the decision to specialize in cosmetic acupuncture. It  allowed me to do what I love most, to make people look beautiful and feel rejuvenated revived and healthy. So now I had this vision to start Vancouver’s first all natural anti-aging and skin treatment clinic… BUT HOW???? An angel must have heard my prayers because a wonderful friend provided me with a generous loan so I could create my dream.  I sat down with my wonderful personal coach feeling overwhelmed and excited: I had the money but what next.

My coach gave me two weeks to find a space to open this clinic and sure enough within two days I found the space. I really appreciate her loving kicks in the butt to make me get things done. The space I found was perfect, but it did not have any rooms and needed a lot of work. I had a very good idea of how I wanted this clinic to look and feel so I hired a designer to bring it all to life. I can say I do have the most harmonious office one could ever hope for. It is actually hard to stay awake at times with the calm, serene music and ambient lighting.

What is SKN and why is it different?

SKN is a place where clients come to rejuvenate both their skin and their overall health.  We have designed effective and safe treatment programs to prevent and correct the signs of aging and treat skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, while allowing clients to abandon the use of harsh chemicals. We follow the philosophy and principals of Chinese medicine in combination with non invasive modern day treatments like LED light therapy, photo rejuvenation and Micro Current face lifts in order to assist in the correction process.

We understand that the face is a measure of one’s health and any sign of aging or presenting skin condition must be addressed simultaneously by treating the internal imbalance along with treating the external signs. Our holistic approach is what makes us unique and different from the modern day anti-aging clinics that use fillers and resurfacing lasers to temporarily correct signs of aging. We strongly promote prevention at SKN and encourage young women between 28-35 to be proactive in preventing aging so that they are not tempted to resort to invasive procedures later in life. All our treatments at SKN are customized to the individual after a health and skin intake. At SKN, we’re very passionate about natural health and wellness and we work with our client’s long term to maintain maximum health and beauty results. We not only create beautiful skin, we cultivate great health.

Who do I learn from?

I learn from women and men entrepreneurs who have been in business for as little as a few months to those who have been in business for thirty years. I am part of a great mentoring program with Women’s Enterprise. I also belong to an amazing BNI chapter who have supported me and helped me to find the confidence to launch SKN.


Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who believe in you and your vision because when stress and fear start to creep in, these are the people who are going to remind you of how powerful you truly are.




2 Responses to “Amanda Beisel, of SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic, on the business of natural beauty”

  1. loadedbow Says:

    WOW, we just went to visit Amanda at her shop! It was so awesome! She is as lovely as she looks online…i go facial acupuncture and Gen got all beautiful with some LED lights…THANKS Amanda.

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