Interview and Contest with Cheeky Umbrella owner, Jen Zurowski

Jen Zurowski of Cheeky Umbrella shares her thoughts on making rainy days bright.  Be sure to check out our contest at the bottom of the post!!


Loaded Bow:  What does your company Cheeky Umbrella do?

Jen Zurowski:  We brighten rainy days with our line of cute and colourful rain umbrellas for women!

LB:  Where did the idea for Cheeky Umbrella come from?

JZ:  The idea came out of my own needs and wants actually. When I first moved to Vancouver in 2001, I was living in Kitsilano and commuting downtown to work on transit, so I was looking for an umbrella with good quality and a cute design. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and when I talked to my female friends and colleagues, I found that they had the same frustration in finding an umbrella. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so this idea stuck with me until I was ready and able to make the jump to self-employment. I researched the idea over the many years that followed and launched Cheeky Umbrella in September 2008.

LB:  What makes your products different?

JZ:  I think that our products convey an attitude towards the rain that is different. Rainy days don’t have to feel grey and gloomy! I believe you should look and feel as good on rainy days as you do one sunny days, and our products reflect that idea with their colourful designs and “cheeky” statements (such as “When does it start raining men?” or “It’s raining, it’s pouring, other umbrellas are boring”) written on them.

LB:  Where did the name “Cheeky Umbrella” come from?

JZ:  The name comes from the “cheeky” statements written on each umbrella, but it also reflects our sassy attitude towards the rain – our refusal to let the rain stand in our way of looking and feeling good and doing what we want.

LB:  Why did you start your own business?

JZ:  I wanted a challenge and to do something that combined my creativity with my interest in business. But the decision was mostly a lifestyle choice that my husband and I made for our future family. Having my own business would allow me more flexibility to work and also be a Mom. I look forward to becoming a “Mompreneur” like many of the other women entrepreneurs I have met! Right now my only “kids” are my two kitties though 

LB:  What advice would you have for fellow women entrepreneurs?

JZ:  Have patience with your growing business. I think it is so easy to see your business taking off and get caught up in the idea that “bigger is better” and that you must try to grow as quickly as possible. I constantly remind myself to slow down and to not feel pressure to grow too quickly. It’s better to grow more slowly and steadily so that you can put the systems and processes in place, listen to the feedback from customers, learn from your mistakes and become clearer on your goals.

LB:  What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

JZ:  I’m an avid runner so heading out for a run on the trails in North Van on a drizzly day is one of my favourite things to do. Running in the rain is so cool and refreshing. I also love relaxing in a coffee shop with a nice warm beverage and either people-watching or meeting a friend to catch up.


The first 2 people to tweet us @loadedbow will win one of Jen’s fabulous umbrellas!  Please make sure you are a resident of Canada or the US.  You can find Jen on Twitter @cheekyumbrella!


One Response to “Interview and Contest with Cheeky Umbrella owner, Jen Zurowski”

  1. loadedbow Says:

    AWESOME PRODUCT and great story!

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