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Getting Your Mail Together with Rowena List

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Dedicated to all the people who would like to simplify their lives just a little bit more.

Rowena List, founder of Getting It Together, attributes her business success for over 22 years, to her ability to ensure that everything in her life, from what she sees in her closets or on her desk to what she sees in the mirror, reflects her goals, her dreams and her best self. In addition, Rowena has helped thousands of other women to improve their self-worth and success by creating healthier reflections that energize them to be their best self and live the lives they want to live.

Have you ever suddenly remembered you had to do something or pay a bill, and couldn’t find the information anywhere in that pile of papers on your counter or desk?

It is amazing that in this highly electronic age we still receive physical, hard copy mail. But since we do, we thought we’d offer up some Together Tips on how to deal with those papers that seem to lie around and pile up.

When it comes to your mail you will want to adopt the “Deal with it, delegate it or dump it” philosophy.

Deal With It

Let’s start with the first one. Collect your mail from the box when you have 2 minutes to deal with it. Let’s face it you can not leave your mail in there all week so you may have to set aside time twice a week that you are going to collect your mail and deal with it.

Try to handle each piece of mail once if at all possible. Recycle all junk mail right away if you have not signed up for the “Red Dot” program. Next you will want to file your bills, birthday invitations etc in a system that you have set up for yourself.

If you do not have a system set up then I would recommend the 1to31 organizing binder.  This system allows you to file bills, birthday invitations, school announcements etc under the appropriate date that you will need to DEAL with them.

There is no need to pay bills until the day they are due. By being organized with your mail you will avoid the pitfalls of having piles of unopened mail all over your kitchen counter or top of your desk.

Delegate It

Can you delegate any of the mail tasks? Setting up prepaid authorization payments is the best way of delegating your bill payments. Is there someone in your household that can help you out with some of these tasks?

Dump It

Dump all junk mail. Better yet, sign up for the RED DOT program at and you will never receive junk mail again. While you are at it, why not sign up with Canada Post to have all your bills sent to you electronically. There is a link from the Red Dot site. You may also want to think about taking your name and address off store flyers/catalogues. So much of this information can be found online now. Just think of the trees and money you will be saving too.

Next time you go to your mail box try these simple tips and see how much time you will save. What will you do with that extra time?

For more detailed information on how to get organized or how to be more organized contact Rowena List  or read more articles on the Getting It Together site.

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Heather White: Critic vs. the Visionary

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Gen and I have been with Wired Woman Vancouver for about 5 months now.  A big part of their program is to  hook up with our very own mentor for the year.  


Heather White of 2020 Communications and She Team

Our Mentor is Heather White. Since we believe in blogs for spreading all necessary information to savvy young women like yourselves we have decided to share some really important articles by Heather for you to read. Get inspired and start your new business with integrity and a solid sense of vision. Here’s a dose of the good stuff by Heather White.

Who’s Winning? The Visionary vs. The Critic


On my desk I have a small plaque that reads “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” and it’s so true. Earlier this morning I was in a training session and we were talking about the two “mindsets” that seem to reside in every individual. Firstly, there’s the visionary. That’s the voice, that when you were a kid, told you that you could be anything that you desired: astronaut, doctor, lawyer, actor, singer. It’s the part of you that believes anything’s possible, doesn’t take no for an answer and flies in the face of the fear of rejection. 

What seems to happen as we get older is the voice of the visionary becomes quieter and another voice booms dominantly in our minds. This is the voice of the critic. The critic is the part of you that is paralyzed by the fear of rejection. It’s the voice that has all the excuses about why you can’t or shouldn’t pursue whatever desires you may have.

Further challenging the softening voice of the visionary is the rest of the world. What happens when you tell you parents, your peers, you colleagues, your friends about this off the wall new idea you have? Are they supportive or do they question the “how” in your new plans? Are they jumping in with ideas and brainstorming all the different ways you could accomplish something or are they quick to see all the reasons why it’s not possible or you shouldn’t pursue it?

I can’t begin to tell you the number of clients I’ve had that are working hard on pursuing their passion and living their dream only to be challenged by those around them about when they plan to settle down and get a “real job”?

This week take some time and listen to your inner voice. Who’s winning the battle between your ears – the visionary or the critic? Furthermore, look at your social and familial networks and check the pulse on which voice they are supporting. After all, the world is your oyster; only you can decide what experience you have while you’re here!




HARO: Help a Reporter Out (and maybe get a little link love in return)

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Here is an email we received today.  Brilliant. 

—– Original Message —–

From: “Christine van Rooy” <>
To: “‘Genevieve Ennis'” <>; “‘Zoe Pawlak'” <>
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 6:38 PM
Subject: HARO queries

I think that you girls would be interested in receiving these queries!!   It is HARO (Help a Reporter Out).  Journalists all over the world working on new stories submit their stories to HARO looking for people to interview or use as an expert in their field.  HARO then sends out a few emails a day to its subscribers with the queries.  Check it out and sign up to receive them.  If you can “answer their questions, or do an interview” then the journalist will reference you
in the article (or reference Loaded Bow).

By the way, the emails start with a “shout out” to a company (advertising) then it starts the query list.

Christine van Rooy, CID     |     VANROOY DESIGN    


A New Site for your Portfolio

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My husband is in desparate need of a new site.  His current site was built by a friend-of-a -friend, and what was supposed to be customized and self-managed, ended up being rigid and difficult for us to update.  Aesthetically, the site was not aligned with his brand and did not do justice to his work.  Kevin is a goldsmith and he makes very pretty things.  These pretty things needed a new place to live online.

This picture needs a new home!

This picture needs a new home!

Our wedding photographers have taken us under their wing to get him back on track.  They pointed us in the direction of BluDomain.  The company offers beautiful site templates for $100 and $400 (a steal!) that are customizable and easy to update.  We are in the process (as is Zoe, I believe) of selecting our BluDomain site. 

BluDomain is not for everyone, but is a great option for anyone with a portfolio.  Case in point, Christine and Jerry – two of my favourite people – of VANROOY design who took BluDomain and ran with it.  The results are beautiful. 

So if you have some lovely images that you are looking to move to a new home, I encourage you to check it out!


Heather White Talks at Wired Women about Time Managment

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HEL-LO NEW YEAR!  Last Thursday night was so inspirational and exciting.  I got to see Heather in person at the Wired Woman event in Vancouver. 

Heather White

Though Heather White has been our mentor for Loaded Bow and we have met with her one on one, in person she is fire.  She was HILARIOUS, so relevent and very, very informativeve.  Heather satisfied ever lady in the group with her wild stories, great metaphors and helpful tips to real frustrations that block women from excelling. If you are looking for a coach to take you further than you ever imagined, she’s the one

Loaded Bow

If you are looking for a realistic way to get to vague destinations, this lady doesn’t believe in realistic and she has certainly never even been to the planet ‘vauge’!


Business Advice from my Husband

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We were about to head into Vancouver from the burbs and i asked my husband if we should change our two month old before getting in the car.  He says wisely:

“I figure it’s always best to start any trip with a new set of pants.”



Women Entrepreneur Book Swap

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Looking for som new books for the New Year?  Have an extra copy of “Good to Great?”  With so many books to choose from, why not have a formal, informal book swap!  Brilliant!  As if this is not the best (green) idea.  A great chance to network and get in touch with other women, share stories (literally) and get advice and mini, in-person book reviews from others in your same position!


See what these ladies are up to and start your own.  Gen and i will commit to hosting one soon too, so keep an eye open for that!