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The Brand Gap

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On the recommendation of Heather Briggs, I bought The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design by Marty Neumeier.  His presentation based on the book can be found here – praise be to open source info!  Marty is the President of Neutron, a San Francisco agency devoted to helping you develop your brand from the inside out.  As an investment in karma, Neutron shares little branding gems that are excellent food for thought.

Back to The Brand Gap.  To be honest, I have been procrastinating doing this post (notice the lack of LB material since last week??).  My parents would argue that it is because I procrastinate for everything (I finished my Master’s thesis in the car on the way home from outlet shopping, minutes before it was due), a masochistic tendency I picked up somewhere along the way.  I feel that I have largely kicked the bad habit since graduating (my apartment, however, is worse off for it… cleaning was far more appealing when I had a paper due than it ever is now).  I’m digressing.  The truth is, I have been procrastinating because The Brand Gap poses 3 very simple questions that stopped me in my tracks.

1.  Who are you?

2.  What do you do?

3.  Why does it matter?

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Considering a career change?

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Calgary Stampede

This weekend a group of girlfriends from across the country converged in Calgary for the Stampede. 

Stampede Ladies
I was fully prepared to embrace the music, the two-step and a gong show that puts Vegas to shame (although, a note to those who were on the receiving end of having the Canadian Forces Parachute Team apply temporary tattoos to your bums with their mouths: Please, ladies, no one wanted to see that many handlebar mustaches make contact with your cheeks). 
What I was not prepared for, however, was to learn how lucrative it is to be in the rodeo business, with a million dollars in prizes to be distributed on the last day.  With top prize of $100,000 for successfully riding a bull for 8 seconds (which works out to 45mil/hr),  I’m sure I do not need to tell you that this is substantially better than what I am currently bringing in.  Should you choose to become a cowgirl, there are also other perks.
Cowgirl Gen

 Like the hats.

Calgary Cowboys
And the cowboys.
Any takers?


Block Editor, Susan Falk, Has Arrived

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The Block Magazine

The Block Magazine

Susan Falk, Editor-in-Chief of The Block Magazine, sat down with Loaded Bow to reflect on her journey to her current position and the direction she is leading the magazine.  She expressed so much gratitude for where her career has led her, and Gen and I left thoroughly inspired by her story and her passion. 

Susan Falk

Susan seeks to inspire.  The Block is poised to inspire fresh faces to peer into elements of unseen design, gaze at innovative architecture and really admire all the glam and goodness that fashion and photography can offer.  The Block is an overall feel-good and informative journey through all things tasty and new and it even gets us in that soft spot that’s always secretly on the lookout for something a little hip!  “There’s a hunger in this city for design driven stories.  This is evident in the popularity of events like Movers and Shapers currently on at the Vancouver Museum. People are looking to see what is cool and inspiring and not so mainstream.  The Block reaches a demographic that magazines like House and Home and Chatelaine just can’t reach because they are too broad.”  says Susan.  The key to success has been filling out a niche that was always willing and waiting for this type of magazine.  “There’s just nothing really in Canada like this.” Susan says.

Gen and I took Susan to coffee to get the details on how to move from a couch in Winnipeg to one of the most rewarding jobs in design journalism. 

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Katie Twitchett on Writing and being Awoken

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Gen and i are SO excited to offer you the readings, muses and the real-life story of Katie Twitchett.  She will be here monthly with us at Loaded Bow where you will be able to follow her through the creation and exicution of her dream of becoming a writer.  Katie will also offer resources on writing and following your heart.

Getting serious about the craft means making funny faces like this!

Katie takes a good look at the future

ABOUT HER:  Katie Twitchett is a free lance writer in the making, Mom to one year old daughter Gwynevere, coffee barrista extraordinaire, gourmet cook, and reality show expert. She takes up residence in the glorious town of White Rock BC, although she spends a lot of time taking imaginary and totally free vacations to such luxurious hot spots as Italy, Brazil, and Kenya. She likes long morning talks in vinyl clad greasy spoon booths, laughing until pop comes out her nose, and knowing that she is surrounded by some of the best people this world has to offer.

WAKE UP, O SLEEPER  by Katie Twitchett

You could say I’ve always been what some people like to call a dreamer. As a kid the phrase “she has her head in the clouds” followed me around like a half-starved stray dog. Of all my many dreams, of who I would be and how I would irreversibly change the world, the strongest and most persistent was definitely the one entitled, simply, “the writer”. Since I can remember I have carried this dream, heavy and potent around my neck. It’s a very specific dream, one that comes with a very definite set of visual images: myself wearing glasses (which the optometrist seems unfailingly convinced I do not need), tousled hair, and an ever distracted gleam in my eye, soaking up every curious detail about the people and world around me, furiously scribbling notes into a scrapbook of ideas which I would later compile into earth shattering prose and poetry. And I would change the world, yes, change the world forever with my humble written word.

You see why I acquired the reputation of a dreamer so early on. And maybe, also, why I have always been so intimidated, actually, scared paralytic by my own dreams. For while I have always been a person who writes, ever since I learned the art of using ink, lead or a word processor to translate thoughts into readable format I have never felt like I quite measured up, nor could I ever hope to attain the lofty title of writer. But still, one can always dream, and cling to these dreams -however unattainable-clutch them in your arms, pop your thumb in your mouth and drift off to peaceful sleep.

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Girls Fight Back!

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Girls Fight Back!

Erin Weed is the founder and force behind Girls Fight Back!, an organization that provides women with the know-how and skills to reduce the risk of violence and fight back effectively if necessary.  She is the author of Girls Fight Back! The College Girl’s Guide to Protect Herself, and has a sister book on the way for Teens.  Erin leads 8 seminars and workshops, including Road Warriors  which prepares women for safe business travel.  She has been featured by media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and CNN, and is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards.  She lives in Colorado with her hubby Pete Lacis of Phaseous.

 Girls Fight Back! The College Girl\'s Guide to Protecting Herself

Most significant, however, is how Erin has paved the way for the legacy of her dear friend, Shannon McNamara.  Only days before her 22nd birthday, Shannon was murdered.  Because Shannon chose to fight back against the stranger who had broken into her home, she was able to provide physical evidence that led to the arrest and conviction of her killer.  Shannon continues to be the inspiration behind Girls Fight Back!.

While corresponding with Erin over the past few weeks, I realized that I rarely speak with my friends about violence against women.  Within my own circle of friends and contacts, I feel like there remains a certain taboo surrounding the subject, as if broaching it somehow threatens our own sense of peace and security.  Counterintuitive, I know.  I commend Erin for fueling this conversation and empowering women in Shannon’s name.

Loaded Bow: Girls Fight Back! is an incredible organization, but was born out of tragedy. Can you tell us about GFB’s story? How has GFB helped you to heal after you lost Shannon?

Erin Weed:  I was working as a TV producer in New York when I learned that my sorority sister, Shannon, was murdered. It was one of those moments where you know you’ll never be the same.


Shannon McNamara

Shannon McNamara

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