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The Brand Gap

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On the recommendation of Heather Briggs, I bought The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design by Marty Neumeier.  His presentation based on the book can be found here - praise be to open source info!  Marty is the President of Neutron, a San Francisco agency devoted to helping you develop your brand from the inside out.  As an investment in karma, Neutron shares little branding gems that are excellent food for thought.

Back to The Brand Gap.  To be honest, I have been procrastinating doing this post (notice the lack of LB material since last week??).  My parents would argue that it is because I procrastinate for everything (I finished my Master’s thesis in the car on the way home from outlet shopping, minutes before it was due), a masochistic tendency I picked up somewhere along the way.  I feel that I have largely kicked the bad habit since graduating (my apartment, however, is worse off for it… cleaning was far more appealing when I had a paper due than it ever is now).  I’m digressing.  The truth is, I have been procrastinating because The Brand Gap poses 3 very simple questions that stopped me in my tracks.

1.  Who are you?

2.  What do you do?

3.  Why does it matter?

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Heather Briggs of Buddha Branding

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Heather Briggs, founder and Creative Director of Buddha Branding, sits down with LOADED BOW to reflect on her transition into entrepreneurship, finding her niche, and the process of branding!

Loaded Bow:  Can you tell us a little bit about Buddha Branding’s story?

Heather Briggs:  I have done a complete 360. I went to Ryerson University to study fashion marketing, and like many BA graduates, I finished feeling really overwhelmed. I had no clue how to translate what I knew into a career.

I started working at Lululemon. It was a young company then, and I had just gotten into yoga so it was a cool spirit to work in. I grew through that company. When corporate Lululemon had bought out their franchises, it was a time when they really wanted to promote people from within the company. I really wanted to get into graphic design. I had done a few projects on the side and a little bit of graphics work for Lululemon. Six months later, sure enough, a posting comes up for a graphic designer in Vancouver.

It was exciting, but the company was also going through a lot of upward growth. It was a pretty insane place to be for my first real job. At the end of that year I decided that it wasn’t the right fit. I started working as a Junior at a graphic design firm and it was amazing! They really helped me understand the graphic design business. They were like mentors to me. Then they merged with another company, and because I was on contract, I found myself without a job. In the back of my head I had always wanted to start my own business, but there is a lot of fear that comes with that.

I had a friend who was doing a self-employment program through Toward Excellence and she just kept telling me that I could do it. I decided to go for it! I can’t even begin to say what a great program Toward Excellence was. It really gave me the time and the space to just work on an idea. They did a lot of personal development work and spent the time to help me get over my fears and realize that I had to be comfortable with risk.

A year later, I’m still in business! I wrote my business plan for being a graphic design shop, but when I went into business I realized that I was still attracting fashion clients because they are part of my social network and experience. So I am actually in the process of repositioning myself as a Fashion Marketing Agency.  We will relaunch in September.

LB:  Fabulous!

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