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The Brand Gap

Posted in Identity: Who is You? with tags , , , , , on July 17, 2008 by loadedbow

On the recommendation of Heather Briggs, I bought The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design by Marty Neumeier.  His presentation based on the book can be found here - praise be to open source info!  Marty is the President of Neutron, a San Francisco agency devoted to helping you develop your brand from the inside out.  As an investment in karma, Neutron shares little branding gems that are excellent food for thought.

Back to The Brand Gap.  To be honest, I have been procrastinating doing this post (notice the lack of LB material since last week??).  My parents would argue that it is because I procrastinate for everything (I finished my Master’s thesis in the car on the way home from outlet shopping, minutes before it was due), a masochistic tendency I picked up somewhere along the way.  I feel that I have largely kicked the bad habit since graduating (my apartment, however, is worse off for it… cleaning was far more appealing when I had a paper due than it ever is now).  I’m digressing.  The truth is, I have been procrastinating because The Brand Gap poses 3 very simple questions that stopped me in my tracks.

1.  Who are you?

2.  What do you do?

3.  Why does it matter?

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