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The Brand Gap

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On the recommendation of Heather Briggs, I bought The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design by Marty Neumeier.  His presentation based on the book can be found here - praise be to open source info!  Marty is the President of Neutron, a San Francisco agency devoted to helping you develop your brand from the inside out.  As an investment in karma, Neutron shares little branding gems that are excellent food for thought.

Back to The Brand Gap.  To be honest, I have been procrastinating doing this post (notice the lack of LB material since last week??).  My parents would argue that it is because I procrastinate for everything (I finished my Master’s thesis in the car on the way home from outlet shopping, minutes before it was due), a masochistic tendency I picked up somewhere along the way.  I feel that I have largely kicked the bad habit since graduating (my apartment, however, is worse off for it… cleaning was far more appealing when I had a paper due than it ever is now).  I’m digressing.  The truth is, I have been procrastinating because The Brand Gap poses 3 very simple questions that stopped me in my tracks.

1.  Who are you?

2.  What do you do?

3.  Why does it matter?

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Chloe Warner and Design

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Chloe in San Fran

Chloe Warner

Chloe Warner is a graduate of the architecture program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Her stylish mother and grandmothers instilled a belief that interiors matter, and the worst kind of taste is no taste at all.  Exposed from a young age to rooms designed by Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, Chloe finds inspiration in the colors and comfort of classic design, and enjoys updating this aesthetic to suit modern individuals and families. She is also an editor for Lucky Magazine.

Loaded BowHow did you come up with your name for your company, Redmond Aldrich Design?

Chloe Warner: When I started my name was still Chloe Redmond, and my partner’s name was Jen Aldrich (who is also my cousin), so it made perfect sense.  Of course, it is a bit more cryptic now that Jen has resigned and I got married, but because the names belong to my mother and grandmother I kept it.  They are both big inspirations, so it made sense.

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Interview with Design*Sponge’s Grace Bonney

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Design Sponge

Design*Sponge is arguably the most successful design blog online!  We were so thrilled to have the opportunity to interview its creator, Grace Bonney, about its evolution.  Enjoy reading about how this woman took her hobby and love for design and turned it into a thriving business!

Loaded Bow: If we go back to the launch of design*sponge, it is 2004. But the real beginning of a business starts with an idea. Can you tell us about this initial seed that brought you to action? How has d*s evolved?

Grace Bonney: For me, the interesting thing about working on Design*Sponge has been that it didn’t actually start as an ‘idea’, per se. Or rather, the initial idea wasn’t based around starting a business. I was working in an unfulfilling job and couldn’t figure out a way to combine my love of design with writing- without a professional degree in journalism. So out of both a fear of cold-submitting my writing to magazines and being worried that I’d bore my boyfriend to death with design-talk, I decided to start the site. It was really just a hobby and personal outlet to rant and rave about all things design related.

However, as the years have gone on I’ve realized that with the ad program and consulting and the outside projects I’m working on- I really have created a business from what was initially just a personal blog. But it grew pretty organically in the sense that I kept thinking “what sounds like fun? What haven’t I done that I’d like to try”. And from that projects like the Biz Ladies nights, Scholarship and various contests have sprung up. I always try to remember that a simple love of design was what started all of this and that I should stay true to that.

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