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Considering a career change?

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Calgary Stampede

This weekend a group of girlfriends from across the country converged in Calgary for the Stampede. 

Stampede Ladies
I was fully prepared to embrace the music, the two-step and a gong show that puts Vegas to shame (although, a note to those who were on the receiving end of having the Canadian Forces Parachute Team apply temporary tattoos to your bums with their mouths: Please, ladies, no one wanted to see that many handlebar mustaches make contact with your cheeks). 
What I was not prepared for, however, was to learn how lucrative it is to be in the rodeo business, with a million dollars in prizes to be distributed on the last day.  With top prize of $100,000 for successfully riding a bull for 8 seconds (which works out to 45mil/hr),  I’m sure I do not need to tell you that this is substantially better than what I am currently bringing in.  Should you choose to become a cowgirl, there are also other perks.
Cowgirl Gen

 Like the hats.

Calgary Cowboys
And the cowboys.
Any takers?



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