This was supposed to be about word of mouth marketing… but ended up being about the ecological impact of your tampons


Well, ladies, if you have been considering starting a blog, I have news that may tip the scale for you.  You can get free tampons.  Really, if that doesn’t convince you… 

This morning FedEx delivered a big box that held a tote bag filled with all sorts of goodies… and a crazy number of tampons. 

Shortly after we launched LOADED BOW Zoe and I received an email from a word of mouth marketing company out of Toronto.  After playing phone tag for a few weeks, we connected with one of the women working on the project.  We were asked if we would be interested in receiving a promotional package from o.b., and in return, we would need to talk about the products.  She made it very clear that whatever we had to say could be positive or negative. 

Considering that Zoe is pregnant, I got dibs on this particular ‘assignment’.

My initial reaction was that I really don’t have that much to say about tampons.  Then the WOM lady pointed out the difference in waste between a traditional tampon and an o.b. tampon.  That, I can talk about. 

A few minutes of online research reveals that the average woman will use approximately 10,000 tampons over the course of her lifetime.  That is a whole lotta applicators being flushed down the toilet.  Literally.  Currently, o.b. is the only tampon in Canada and the US that doesn’t have an applicator.  That is something I can advocate for.  There are feminine hygiene products are are far more eco-friendly than o.b. tampons, like The Keeper, but for those of you who are a bit squeamish, applicator-free tampons just may be a good place to start.

I have been puttering around the o.b. site for the last few minutes and I just finished watching a little animation with an ant that is supposed to be analogous to an o.b. tampon.  The screen then reads: try carrying an elephant in your purse and you’ll know how it feels.  I have carried tampons in my purse for years and not once has it crossed my mind that it felt like lugging around a large mammal.  On occassion, I feel this way when I have crammed my laptop in with a bottle of wine, but never about tampons.  No need to be so melodramatic, o.b. people.  Focus on the difference in waste and the cute little carrying package (see below) that protect your tampons (because I have pulled tampons out of my purse – in public no less – that had fallen out of their wrapper, and that I could do without).

o.b. tampons
If you’d like to try these nifty little things you can get samples in Canada and the US.
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9 Responses to “This was supposed to be about word of mouth marketing… but ended up being about the ecological impact of your tampons”

  1. irishcailin Says:

    I LOVE free samples! haha. And thats a cute little container too…

  2. Wow free tampons for starting a blog? I definitely missed out on that! You get a cute little case and everything! Fail.

  3. genennis Says:

    Here’s your chance to cash in, Jessica ;)

  4. Hahahahaha, maybe I should start a “side blog” just so I don’t have to buy feminine products for a few months!

  5. I got solicited by Matchstick for this promotion too :)
    It’s interesting seeing how both our blogs participated in the same promotion but our entries on it are completely different and reflect our individual styles of writing :)

    PS. I love my “mighty small” aluminum waterbottle!

  6. I agree with you that OB should focus on the environmental aspect of it. That struck a chord with me, as well. It never occurred to me how much waste applicators produce, until now. Great post! :)

  7. I’m a Keeper girl, myself… and it was the environmental aspect that really made me tempted to try it. I won’t get into the other aspects that convinced me, because this is an article about tampons … but I will say that I’ve simply never liked tampons.

    The Keeper is different, though. I feel like I have a better understanding of my body and its processes. Somehow, that makes that time of the month much less hated/disgusting. I’ll definitely never go back!

    FYI: There are other brands of menstrual cups listed at wikipedia, and since every woman is different, the various brands and materials are worth researching before choosing. Some are rubber, others are silicone .. there are different sizes and shapes and flexibilities .. it’s very important to read a lot about what the users have to say!

  8. loadedbow Says:

    Thanks, Qrystal, for the info! It is great to hear about your experience, first hand.

  9. Amanda from Matchstick here…if any of you want to try it for yourself, feel free to click below to request a free sample.

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